SG-3B410 Cash Drawer

  • Smooth and elastic metal money clip. Not hand scraping
  • 3 position function lock
  • Two checking slots
  • Removable cash tray
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Model No.: SG-3B410
Product housing The upside shell adopts cold-rolled and paint-spraying process The bottom adopts ABS plastic
Cash drawer tray Plastc drawer roller structure, metal money clip, 5 or 7 bill slots, 4 or 8 coin slots(adjustable) removable coin tray.
Cash drawer lock 3 position function lock(manual release, electronic release and dead lock)
Checking slots two checking slots
Cash drawer port RJ11USB
Diving volitge and current 12V24V/1.0A
Product color black
Product size 410(W)×420(L)×100(H)mm,Height not including feet
Product weicht Net weight: 5.0Kg, Gross weight: 5.7 Kg